Sunday, June 11, 2017

Melaka Day Tour


Stadthuys - Southeast Asia's oldest building
We went to Melaka on a Chinese New Year. Epic fail!!! Much to our dismay, going to Melaka during the Chinese New Year is not a good idea. Almost all food stalls are closed and we had a hard time looking for a good place to eat. Our planned food tour was replaced by a Melaka Zoo tour. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our trip into this famous "Historic State".

We took the bus from TBS Station and paid 10RM per person per way. We bought are tickets in advanced via since it is more convenient and the seats are guaranteed. We were only there for a day arriving in Melaka at around 9am and went home around 6pm.


Melaka is home to a number of historical places and buildings. First stop, visit the historical city center which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Red Square is where Stadhuys, Christ Church and a number of Museums are located. I suggest you rent a bike which costs around 3RM per hour and roam around this area.

Inside the Ruins of St. Paul's Church

Ruins of St. Paul Church and the A Famosa Fort is just a few minutes walk from the Red Square area. I don't really find this place appealing, but if your into history so these places are a must.

The Jonker Walk

Then, go to the Jonker Walk. This would have been where all the foods are. :( But sadly, it was so quiet and all of those on my list were closed during the time. We finished touring around the City Center for half a day and since we still have more time left, we decided to go to Melaka Zoo.

Melaka Zoo

Melaka Zoo is worth visiting. Entrance fee is around 18RM for Malaysians and 25RM for foreigners. This is the place we enjoyed most in Melaka. The place is huge(this is my first time to visit a zoo like this big) though there were not much animals but nonetheless it was a great experience.

1 day is enough to tour around Melaka. The city has a different vibe from that of Kuala Lumpur. So if you want to go out of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can visit the place for a change.


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